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Direct from the Director...

Hello! I am taking over the blog this morning to highlight one of the language learning methods our instructors use every day at CCP! Orton-GiIlingham . Orton-Gillingham allows for flexibility in its approach and uses three learning pathways - visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This approach is a phonics based method that teaches the basics of word formation before whole word meanings.

I have used Orton-Gillingham over the years, not only in one-on-one tutoring sessions, but in the classroom as well.

When I was teaching second graders the spelling rules and phonetic foundations, I could tell that they were losing interest. How could I keep their attention? Then I realized they became totally engaged as I taught the rules and order with a fun story and picture. Right then I began to write my first interactive, multi-sensory spelling/phonics workbook that taught the foundations of spelling!

Every child learns differently and Carolina Collaborative Prep is here with all the tools needed for success!

Check out the link below to get an idea of the approach and to take a sneak peak at my new workbook, "The Spellings of Long Vowels"! ~Lisa Rivera

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