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Admissions Process

CCP has a rolling admissions policy, and accepts applications from students throughout the year.

CCP is open to students in the middle school "range".  Our students have high potential but are struggling with learning differences that interfere with their ability to reach their full academic and personal potential in a larger setting. 

Our admissions goal is to determine, not only that we are an educational fit for your child, but also a fit for their social and emotional needs as well. 


Although no formal diagnosis is required, if your child has one, we ask that a copy be included with the application. Our students have average or above average intelligence as determined in a psychological and/or educational assessment performed by a licensed psychologist.  They are able to follow verbal instructions and work within a small group setting.   Unfortunately, we are not able to serve children whose learning difficulties are the result of primary emotional or behavioral problems/diagnoses, or intellectual disabilities. 


Our student population is generally comprised of those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, High Functioning Autism, Social Communication Disorder, Anxiety, Auditory and Sensory Processing Disorder, Visual Impairment and/or other various learning differences.   We are also able to accommodate various physical disabilities/handicaps. The common thread among our students is that their learning styles all benefit from a smaller classroom environment and a multi-sensory approach.

Please contact CCP's Director, Lisa Rivera at (704) 621-8482 or email Lisa@CarolinaCollaborativePrep.com, for additional information.

Thank you for your interest in Carolina Collaborative Prep.