Admissions Process

CCP has a rolling admissions policy, and accepts applications from students throughout the year.

CCP is open to students in 3-12 grade.  Our students have high potential but are struggling with learning differences that interfere with their ability to reach their full academic and personal potential in a larger setting. 

Our admissions goal is to determine, not only that we are an educational fit for your child, but also a fit for their social and emotional needs as well. 


Although no formal diagnosis is required, if your child has one, we ask that a copy be included with the application. Our students have average or above average intelligence as determined in a psychological and/or educational assessment performed by a licensed psychologist.  They are able to follow verbal instructions and work within a small group setting.   Unfortunately, we are not able to serve children whose learning difficulties are the result of primary emotional or behavioral problems/diagnoses, or intellectual disabilities. 


Our student population is generally comprised of those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, High Functioning Autism, Social Communication Disorder, Anxiety, Auditory and Sensory Processing Disorder, Visual Impairment and/or other various learning differences.   We are also able to accommodate various physical disabilities/handicaps. The common thread among our students is that their learning styles all benefit from a smaller classroom environment and a multi-sensory approach.

Please contact CCP's Director, Michelle Spaulding at (704) 621-8482 or email, for additional information.

Thank you for your interest in Carolina Collaborative Prep.