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Our approach


Multisensory Approach

We use all the learning pathways when teaching our students: seeing, hearing, touch, and motion. We may use short video clips to bring home a point or act out a scene from a book we are reading. Music is incorporated to learn multiples in math and states in history. Large and small motor skills are used to remember facts and sequences.  

Systematic Phonics Instruction

We use a structured literacy method to teach phonics that is direct, explicit, sequential and multisensory.  Because writing and spelling do not come easy for many children with learning disabilities, we use prescriptive and creative ways to overcome these struggles. The structured Orton-Gillingham methods help with phonics, syllabication, roots, morphemes,  grammar, vocabulary, writing, and comprehension.

diagnostic lessons

In using the Orton-Gillingham approach, instructors initially evaluate strengths and weaknesses. Each lesson is then individually tailored to the students’ needs from the previous lesson. This diagnostic approach to teaching small groups allows each student to progress to meet his or her potential.

teach Mastery

Working with each student at their own pace and with their preferred learning style, we are able to make tremendous progress in the mastery of a subject.  By taking time restraints off and removing ‘teaching to the test,’ stress and anxiety decrease dramatically.  

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