Elective Classes

Carolina Collaborative Prep offers the following elective classes:

  • Executive Functioning & Life Skills 

  • Practical Math

  • Science Lab

  • Photography, Art, Computer and Foreign Language 

Executive Functioning & Life Skills Class

Female Student

Executive skills not only impact children in school but also in everyday life.  This class will focus on working memory, flexible thinking and self control, which are all necessary to succeed in school. Life skills are the skills needed to enjoy a healthy body and mind.  

Topics for upcoming classes include:

Health, Hygiene and First Aid

  • Healthy Habits

  • Hygiene and Grooming

  • First Aid/CPR - Training 

  • First Aid - Red Cross 

Social Interactions / Expressing your feelings

  • Recognizing my feelings

  • Recognition of the feelings of others

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Setting Boundaries and Choosing friends

Manners when dining out

  • Fancy dining manners

  • A fancy dining event


Practical Math

Math Class

In this class we will learn about the many practical applications of math in everyday life, including budgeting, adjusting recipes, finance and home improvement.  

Topics for upcoming classes include:

Cooking/Adjusting Recipes

  • Pumpkin Bread

  • Caramel Apples

  • No bake cookies

  • Dinner in a pumpkin


  • Planning a week’s menu on a budget

  • Comparing prices

  • The Envelope Method of Budgeting

  • Keeping Good Records


  • How to start a Business

  • What is a Franchise?

Science Lab

Chemistry Students

Science Lab will be offered on Friday's and will alternate being taught by our resident scientist and High Touch High Tech, where they bring the science experiments to us! 


We encourage our children through hands on learning and exciting STEM projects that make science FUN!

Music, Art and Foreign Language

Girl Practicing Piano

Photography will be offered September through December, by a local photographer.

Art will include pottery and be offered January through March through the JCC art program.

Foreign Language will be an introductory course of Spanish and will be offered from March through May.