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Our scholarship fund is intended to assist students in need of financial assistance wishing to apply to or remain at CCP. This scholarship fun originated in the summer of 2022!

For many of our students, tuition is not the only expense for their special needs.  Most receive additional therapies, outside of school, which are financially taxing to families. 

If you or someone you may know may benefit from this scholarship, please email or call Michelle Spaulding at

technology Lab Fund

Creation of a computer lab to ensure that all students have access to computers and related software.

Computer classes are taught at CCP to help develop students skills which will allow them to be prepared as an adult for a world that utilizes technology in many fields.


Creation of a science lab for 2nd - 12th grade!  


CCP strongly encourages our children through hands on learning and exciting STEM projects that make science FUN!


Science Lab


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