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A typical day at CCP...

Have you been wondering what a typical day at CCP looks like?


8:15 am                    Arrival time

8:30 am                   Reading Comprehension

9:15 am                  English Language Arts

10:30 am               Break

10:40 am            Math

11:55 am Lunch and Recess

12:30 pm Science (Mon & Wed) / History (Tues & Thurs)

2:00 pm Fitness (see below for schedule)

3:00 pm                  Dismissal


8:15 am                    Arrival time

8:30 am                   Executive Functioning

9:00 am Hands on Computer Class (Keyboarding, Excel & Powerpoint)

9:30 am                 The Arts (Music, Art and Foreign Language)

10:15 am               Break

10:25 am               Practical Math

11:30 am               Pizza Lunch and Recess

12:30 pm                 Science Lab

2:00 pm                   Fitness

3:00 pm                  Dismissal

Fitness Schedule:

Monday: Swimming      

Tuesday: Tennis

Wednesday: Tae Kwon Do

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Athletic Conditioning

CCP has both full and part time options! Give our Director, Lisa Rivera, a call to discuss all options (704) 621-8482.

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